20 Alu. Decaf Black Tea. Indulgent Selection

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20 Alu. Decaf Black Tea. Indulgent Selection

Our Decaffeinated Indulgent Selection offers a combination of divinely rich flavours of popular treats with the finest decaffeinated blends:

It features four new blends:

  • Hazelnut & Chocolate
  • Cinnamon Spice
  • Vanilla
  • Sweet Carmel

When you want to indulge – but do so guilt-free – Ahmad Tea's Decaffeinated Indulgent Selection offers a sanctuary. With four delicious dessert-inspired black teas to choose from, the collection brings the sweet taste of after dinner treats, without the sugar or caffeine! Cinnamon is a warming brew with a heady aroma reminiscent of the most comforting baked goods; Vanilla balances the richness of black tea with the rounded sweetness of classic desserts. Caramel offers an evocative, molasses-like character, while Chocolate & Hazelnut is your favourite nutty chocolate brownie, in a cup! Discover your favourite new indulgence today.

Always at the forefront of tea innovation, Ahmad Tea's new range of Decaffeinated Teas will delight anyone who longs for classic brews, without the caffeine. Dispelling the myth that decaffeinated teas taste inferior, this new range brings all the flavours and complexities our teas are famed for, but makes them accessible to all. If you want to enjoy great tea at any time of the day – without compromising on taste – then welcome to Ahmad Tea's new Decaffeinated Teas.

Hazelnut and Chocolate:
Decaffeinated Black Tea, Chocolate flavouring, Hazelnut flavouring,

Cinnamon Spice:
Decaffeinated Black Tea,Cinnamon flavouring, Black Pepper

Decaffeinated Black Tea, Vanilla Flavouring, Vanilla

Sweet Caramel:
Decaffeinated Black Tea,Caramel flavouring, cinnamon flavouring

Caffeine free.

Origin*: Black Tea: Kenya | Green Tea: China

*Please note, subject to change due to seasonal variations.

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